Large Color Change Ammolite Pendant Red Green Orange Natural Stone Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped


Large Color Change Ammolite Pendant Red Green Orange Natural Stone Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped

This handmade, sterling silver, wire wrapped pendant is made with a natural stone cabochon. The stone in this pendant is called an ammolite. It is found in only one area of the world, the area around Alberta, Canada. It is called the rarest gemstone on Earth.

Ammolite is the fossilized remains of the ammonite. In the area where it is found, the soil is just right so that during the fossilization, the colors are produced by surrounding minerals. This gemstone is an organic gemstone, not too different from pearls. In fact, the colored area is very similar to the nacre of a pearl with great depth and beauty. Ammolite was designated a true gemstone in 1981 and is considered the rarest gemstone on earth.

This is a large, bright, freeform Ammolite. It is not a doublet or a triplet. It came from the ground like this and was simply cut and polished. It has no coating. The color flash is very prominent and will display a different color according to the direction it is in the light. This kind of ammolite is called a color changer because it displays different colors in different lighting directions. This one has red, green, orange and yellow. This is a gorgeous stone and one that can only really be appreciated in person. It is quite large, too, so it will get lots of attention.

Note that when the angle to the light is not right, it is a rather dull looking stone, which makes the pop of color when it moves all the more surprising. This is completely natural for this material. The back of the stone is the natural black basalt which the ammolite is attached to. One tiny section of basalt backing was stabilized by me to ensure it's durability. This does not effect the beauty of this stone in any way.

I made this wire wrapped setting with heavy sterling silver wire- not plated, filled or coated wire. I used a lot of silver to make sure this was done right and securely without damaging the stone. I added a single laser cut sterling bead for sparkle and lots of tiny sterling beads to balance the freeform shape. This is a one of a kind gorgeous wire work pendant!

You may view this on YouTube.

stone ---- 46x26mm (HUGE by ammolite standards!)
pendant ---- 2.80" / 71mm long; 1.36" / 34mm wide
bail ---- 7mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
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