About the Artist


From the Beginning....

To Traditional Border Wrapping...

To Developing a Unique Style


I have been making and selling handcrafted jewelry for sale online since 2002. I began on eBay. Then I had my own site for awhile, back when I had to manually type out all of the html. Who needs that?! So, I went to Ruby Lane, which had a huge web presence then. I also had a shop on Artfire. I spent a few years teaching jewelry lessons online through pdf sales and I wrote and sold a popular ebook. I then landed at Etsy beginning 2012. Simultaneously, I had a sales shop on my blog and another standalone website on my own domain. I have many years of jewelry making experience and am deeply focused on assuring client satisfaction.


My style has developed as a response to my love and respect for the stones. I try to create a setting that will not obscure the stone. It is a minimalist style. In actuality, though, I use more silver and copper wire than most other traditional border wrappers. I use a heavier wire and more of them to complete my look.  I like to think that I create a more durable piece with a more substantial metal look. I am also very careful to ensure that the backs are neat and snag free, the pieces lie flat and straight and that the wire ends are filed smooth.

extraordinary ocean jasper

My Precious- extraordinary Ocean Jasper. One of my first cabs.

exraordinary ocean jasper

My Precious- A perfect finish

The Gemstones

I have been addicted to cabochons for years. I have spent hours and hours searching for the stones that spoke to me. They had to be beautiful, of course, but they also had to suggest a history to me.


It dawned on me in 2012 that I needed to be cabbing stones for myself. So, I bought a cabbing machine and began my adventure in the lapidary arts. In a short amount of time, I was producing for myself the kinds of cabs that I wanted to use. Oh, I still buy lots of great cabs from other artists. However, I enjoy cabbing too much to go back to being just a consumer.


As a lapidary aficionado, with almost 2 decades of experience in handling stones, I am very proud and happy to announce that I have recently been chosen as a moderator at one of the world's oldest and community run online lapidary forums. I will never be an expert, but it is certainly fun to learn.

Laguna Lace Agate

Crazy Lace wire Wrapped Pendant Tela Formosa

Laguna Lace Agate Wire Wrapped

Turritella Fossil Agate

Turritella wire wrapped pendant tela formosa

Wire Wrapped Turritella

The Woman

I think I can be summed up pretty easily. I am a middle aged mother and grandmother who is married to the most wonderful man in the world. Yes, I am biased. He, along with my son, help with the business. 


The Artist

Art is the end result of inspired, master technique. It is determined by the eye of the beholder, and it is known when seen.


* A painter creates art with paint and brush;

* a glassblower-- with glass and blowpipe;

* a director/producer-- with actors and words;

* an architect-- with brick and mortar;

* I create art jewelry with metal, wire and gemstones.


I'm an "artist". Someone who strives to create something that is unique, well constructed, balanced, pleasing to the eye, and a pleasure to wear. I believe there is abundant opportunity for this form of jewelry to be a conduit for the subconscious need of the artist. By my hand (literally), I will create something you will be proud to own and wear.


I have learned the technique of many art forms but jewelry has become my "voice". Nothing has offered me the immediacy and satisfaction of creating jewelry. I became interested in jewelry because I love gemstones, jewelry and close, demanding work. Along the way, I began to develop my own style.


Bloodstone Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant

Royal Burro Creek Agate Tela Formosa

Royal Burro Creek Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant

Royal Sahara Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant

Other Skills and Interests

Among countless interests are: lapidary, painting, embroidery, genealogy, writing, fishing, hiking, camping, traveling and listening to music. You notice that I don't mention math or numbers? Oh, and I like coffee, too.


Wire Wrapped Chapenite brecciated jasper agate from CA


What I am not is a professional photographer. However, over the many years I have been doing this, I have learned a thing or two about taking pictures of jewelry (which is an art unto itself). 


I use a light tent with daylight bulbs. While it shows detail in the metal and character of the stones, without glare and with less reflections, it doesn't show the polish on the stones as well.


Many stones look different in different kinds of light. Since I am using daylight bulbs, you can best compare your piece with the pictures using indirect light outside, preferably on an overcast day.


I strive to represent my pieces accurately. My hope is that you are even happier with your piece in person.