Rare Purple Charoite Bead Necklace 20 inches Large 16mm Focal Beads 14K GF Handmade


Rare Purple Charoite Bead Necklace 20 inches Large 16mm Focal Beads 14K GF Handmade

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This incredible necklace pulls out all the stops as far as charoite goes. Charoite is a rare Russian stone from Siberia where it is not only scarce but difficult to mine. There is a lot of waste that goes into making beads, so these beads took me awhile to accumulate. The 3 front focal beads are an incredible 16mm round the smaller beads are 12 and 8mm round for a total of 17 perfect, juicy beads. Not for the faint of heart. This is a fashion statement.

I chose to use yellow 14k GF because nothing goes better with charoite than gold. I had to buy my own flat sheet of 14k gold fill to make the largest bead caps myself because I couldn't find any so large already made! This necklace has no shortage of gold findings and beads. The large lobster claw clasp is very well made and secure.

This is 20 inches long. If you would like it smaller or larger please contact me.

I only wish I were able to take better pictures of necklaces. I hope that you can see the quality in the images.

Please note that gold filled products are not the same as plated or coated gold. Gold fill is a thin sheet of gold laminated under pressure to a base of jeweler's brass. It can last a lifetime and longer. It does not wear off easily like electroplate. I buy gold filled products at market price, the same way I but silver or gold. I enjoy offering it on some of my pieces and it is more affordable than solid 14k gold.

More About Charoite:

Charoite is a rare mineral found in the 1940's, in one small area of Russia. But, it wasn't until globalization of markets that the Western world found out about it in the late 1970's. Charoite became a immediate sensation. And, for good reason. Charoite was never very plentiful due to the harsh conditions where it is collected. The exportation of it is tightly controlled, too. There are persistent rumors that Charoite has become scarce with little to no new material being collected. Prices are reflecting this and so is availability. Rough is very difficult to obtain and afford.

Once you see charoite, you'll be hooked. It looks like no other gemstone. Charoite is a mineral displaying a great range of purple including violet, grape, lavender and lilac. Impurities commonly include black ugite, transparent crystals of microcline feldspar and orange Tinaksite. Charoite can be translucent to opaque. Besides the fabulous color, which it is known for, there is a distinct swirling pattern caused by interlocking fibrous crystals. Sometimes, charoite displays a slight to moderate chatoyancy which gives it a pearlescent luster. The best stones contain bright saturated purple pure charoite, with lighter purple swirls and with chatoyancy in the swirls when the stone moves. (I liken it to a purple bowling ball, if you can envision that.) However, most stones have some white and/or black impurities and sometimes orange.

Charoite is a 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness making it hard enough for some jewelry applications, like pendants, necklaces and earrings, though ring and bracelet stones should probably be avoided. Avoid high temperatures such as in steam cleaners.


Charoite is a transformative stone able to transform the negative into the positive.

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