Wire Wrapped Ocean Jasper Pendant Rare Red Green Natural Stone Cabochon Sterling Silver


Wire Wrapped Ocean Jasper Pendant Rare Red Green Natural Stone Cabochon Sterling Silver

This handmade, sterling silver pendant is made with a natural stone cabochon. The large cabochon is a rare Ocean Jasper from Madagascar. It is a very popular and collectible stone because of the orbs and variety of colors you find it in. This one is a reddish color with pink and green.

I made this wire wrapped setting with heavy sterling silver wire- not plated, filled or coated wire. I wrapped this large stone simply, but I added a row of tiny faceted and diamond cut sterling silver beads to add some sparkle. You can't see it in the pictures, but the beads add a lot of eye catching bright sparkle.

This is a large cab and large pendant- You could call it a statement piece. :)

stone ---- 49x28mm
pendant ---- 2.96" / 75mm long; 1.24" / 32mm wide
bail ---- 7mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More about Ocean Jasper:

Ocean jasper is a rare, collectable and popular stone from the north-east coast of Madagascar near the village of Morovato. Before the supply was depleted, it was found off the coast at low tide. It was always in limited supply due to the difficulty in collecting it. Ocean jasper is a type of jasper called orbicular jasper because of the orb patterns found in it. It is alternatively called an agate, as well. It has remained so popular because of the incredible colors and sometimes surreal picture scapes created by the orbs. No stone is quite like it. Ocean jasper is one of my personal favorite stones. I am constantly on the lookout to bring you the quickly disappearing higher qualities of this unique stone.

Ocean jasper is said to:
increase expressions of love
focus the positive aspects of life
stimulate the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras
bring relaxation and cooperation