Wire Wrapped Chrysocolla Pendant with Turquoise Green Blue Natural Stone Sterling Silver


Wire Wrapped Chrysocolla Pendant with Turquoise Green Blue Natural Stone Sterling Silver

The wire wrapped pendant offered has a beautiful, bright, neon blue natural cabochon of chrysocolla with genuine faceted Sleeping Beauty turquoise bead dangles hanging from the bottom with sterling silver findings. The chrysocolla is all natural from the Rowley Mine, Gila Bend, Arizona and includes some bright green malachite, too. It is very hard and silicated.

I used sterling silver to give this a beautiful, secure wire wrapped setting. A graceful arch of strong, hammered silver reaches across the bottom where the turquoise beads dangle from. This is a beautiful, playful pendant fit for a Summer day.

stone ---- 40x25mm
pendant ---- without beads ---- 2.44" / 62.00mm long; 1.12" / 28mm wide
---- center beads adds .57" / 14mm
bail ---- 6mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More About Chrysocolla:

Chrysocolla is a semi-precious opaque to translucent gemstone. It is a beautiful sky blue to bluish/green. Chrysocolla is colored by the copper in it, however, it often has multicolored veins of black and with brown matrix. It is sometimes solid color but is more often multicolored blue and green because it is usually found mixed with malachite, turquoise and azurite. Chrysocolla can have strikng patterns. Due to its color, it is often confused with turquoise. There are many varieties of chrysocolla determined by content and location.

Pure chrysocolla is between 2.0 and 4.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Pure chrysocolla is too soft for jewelry however because its usually found with others materials, including quartz, it is hard enough to polish for cabochons. Chrysocolla is sometimes "agatized" in chalcedony, then it is called Gem Silica and is very hard and valuable. A professional jewelry artist can successfully create beautiful jewelry and gemstones with proper care. Chrysocolla used in jewelry is safe and durable to wear when it has been properly selected by the artist.


Chrysocolla can bring tranquility and peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love.