Unique Tiffany Stone Jewelry Pendant Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Handmade Cabochon


Unique Tiffany Stone Jewelry Pendant Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Handmade Cabochon

medium | sterling silver, Tiffany Stone | pendant
This handmade, sterling silver, wire wrapped pendant is made with a rare, natural cabochon of Tiffany Stone aka opal fluorite and bertrandite from Utah. It is highly valued for the purple and black colors along with the unique patterning.

This handmade setting is made with heavy sterling silver wire- it is not coated, filled or plated, as is all of my silver cabochon jewelry. I used a patterned sterling silver wire, too, and gave this an antique patina to bring out the flower design.

This stone is backed for durability.

stone ---- 41x17mm
pendant ---- 2.26" / 58mm long; .79" / 20mm wide
bail ---- 5.5mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
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More About Tiffany Stone:

Tiffany Stone is the most common name for this beautiful material but it may also be called; Bertrandite, Purple Opal, Ice Cream Opalite, Opal Fluorite or Purple Passion. Tiffany, for short, has so many names because it is comprised of so many materials. Bertrandite is what comprises the white areas, purples and blues are fluorite, and there is black manganese (usually dendrites) and then maybe add a smattering of Chalcedony, Dolomite, and Rhodonite. When it is all geologically mashed together it then goes through a process which "opalizes" it into one rock. The beautiful purple is often mixed with white, black, yellow, blue, pink, peach and very rarely red.

Tiffany Stone is a very rare rock. The original location, the Brush Wellman beryllium mines in Utah, has been closed to collecting for a long time. Although, occasionally very little may still be found. What is found is what survived the crushers at the mine. There are rumors of another location and there is some other material being found. Though technically Tiffany Stone, the new material does not have the same beauty as the original find.

Tiffany Stone is a very difficult stone to work and is toxic to the cabber. A respirator mask must be worn when cutting and polishing. However, Tiffany Stone is so beautiful and highly coveted that it is worth the trouble. Tiffany stone hardness varies. It is often stabilized before it is worked by the lapidary artist.


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