Statement Piece Rhodonite Pendant Black and Pink Natural Stone Handmade Wire Wrapped


Statement Piece Rhodonite Pendant Black and Pink Natural Stone Handmade Wire Wrapped

This wire wrapped pendant has one of my favorite color combos-- black and pink and this Australian Rhodonite has it in abundance! This blazing pink is like a raspberryish pink- the color that Australia is known for- combine that with the black manganese and you have some punchy contrast. Everything about this stone and the pendant screams - look at me. The colors pop with plenty of contrast, the size is generous- not to be missed, but small enough not to be too ostentatious. : ) I even love the cut of the stone.

Like I do for all of my sterling silver, wire wrapped pendants, I used heavy sterling silver wire- not plated, filled or coated wire. I had an idea for the shape of this cab and sketched it out ahead of time, not really knowing if I could do it or not. As I started working on it, I realized it would be more of a project than I had thought. I had to kinda work backwards as I added all the 12 sterling silver beads- But, I did it. And, I love it! It was worth all the trouble. : ) I hope you think so, too.

stone ---- 51x41mm
pendant ---- 2.92" / 74mm long; 2.38" / 61mm wide
bail ---- 6.5mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More About Rhodonite:

Rhodonite is a manganese silicate mineral. It is usually pink to dark red. Rhodonite will almost always have black manganese veins or dendrites running though the pink which makes it quite attractive. Better stones have less manganese but what there is will form interesting patterns. However, more rarely, it occurs without the manganese and is all pink, these stones are the most sought after.

Rhodonite can be cut en cabochon or used for beads, carvings and tumbled stones. Although rhodonite is normally translucent to opaque, some transparent stones are found and those used for faceting material. On the Mohs hardness scale it is a 5.5 and 6.5 and is best for jewelry which will not be subject to impact, such as a ring. Because the black manganese and pink rhodonite can have a different hardness, it can be difficult to polish.


Rhodonite soothes the nervous system.