Spiderweb Imperial Jasper Pendant White and Green Stone Sterling Silver Handmade


Spiderweb Imperial Jasper Pendant White and Green Stone Sterling Silver Handmade

This handmade, sterling silver pendant is made with a natural stone cabochon. The Spiderweb Imperial Jasper is one of my favorites and is one of the porcelain jaspers, meaning it is hard and takes a beautiful polish. This was mined in Mexico. This particular stone has lots of green "streamers", as they are often called. The streamers are very thin, like hairs, and make a standout pattern against the creamy off white background.

I made this wire wrapped pendant setting with heavy sterling silver. As with all of my wire wrapped silver jewelry, the wire is not plated, filled or coated, but solid sterling silver. This is a big cab, but the setting is both secure and unique allowing the stone to shine.

This pendant will ship with a sturdy 3mm black rubber cord with sterling silver lobster claw clasp. Please select size when adding to your cart.

stone ---- 44x38mm
pendant ---- 2.64" / 67mm long from top of bail to tip of bottom point; 1.56" / 40mm wide
bail ---- ~7mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More About Jasper:

Jasper is an opaque and fine grained variety of impure Chalcedony (type of quartz). It has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Moh's hardness scale. It is found in almost all colors. The interesting colors and patterns are caused by impurities. They can be up to 20% impure. Sometimes, those impurities will cause patterns that resemble pictures or landscapes and, as such, is then called a picture jasper. Other times they cause a variety of color and or interesting patterns or bands.


Jasper is known as a supreme nurturer.