Red Dinosaur Bone Pendant Sterling Silver Unique Wire Wrapped Handmade Cabochon Jewelry


Red Dinosaur Bone Pendant Sterling Silver Unique Wire Wrapped Handmade Cabochon Jewelry

medium large | sterling silver, dinosaur bone | pendant, necklace
This handmade, wire wrapped, sterling silver pendant is made with a large cabochon of genuine red dinosaur bone aka gem bone, petrified bone, dino bone or fossil stone. This was collected before the ban on collecting on Federal lands took place. Sadly, gem bone is being depleted as the prices continue to rise.

I made the setting with heavy sterling silver wire (not plated , filled or coated) as I do with all of my cabochon jewelry. This is a thick cab, so I added a nice thick strip of polished sterling silver to the sides for a great bezel set hybrid look.

stone ---- 41x24mm
pendant ---- 2.50" / 64mm long; 1.06" / 27mm wide
bail ---- ~4.75mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More About Dinosaur Bone:

Agatized Dinosaur Bone, or, Gem Bone for short, is the name given to dinosaur bones which have been petrified. The cells in the bone have been replaced by agate, making them hard, colorful and easy to finish for cabochons. The colors are caused by different kinds of minerals such as chlorite, chromium, iron and manganese. Dinosaur bone is a rare gem with the best material being colorful and having distinct cells in a web like pattern. Dinosaur bone comes in many colors with gold and red being more rare. Gem dinosaur bone is found in the American Southwest, almost exclusively where the states Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet in the Jurassic Era Morrison Formation. It has a Mohs hardness of anywhere from 3.5 to 6.5.

Dinosaur bone gems are becoming increasingly more rare. The US government has ended all collecting of the material on Federal lands. All that is left is on private lands (mostly uncollected) and in private collections.