Rare Turkish Purple Jade Pendant Natural Stone Cabochon Handmade Wire Wrapped Jadeite


Rare Turkish Purple Jade Pendant Natural Stone Cabochon Handmade Wire Wrapped Jadeite

All natural purple jade from Turkey is referred to as "scarce" it is so rare. I was lucky to secure the rough which I cut this set from. It is a beautiful soft purple stone, full of visual texture. The stone you see is very solid. Any lines you see in the pictures are veins in the stone. Unfortunately, most of the Turkish jade you see now is cut from old statues and carvings. I do not believe any more is being mined.

I used an unusual wire wrapped jewelry setting in solid sterling silver for this beautiful stone (the wire is not plated, filled or coated). The pendant bail is handcrafted and hand forged from solid silver. This is really simple and elegant.

stones ---- pendant, 37x20mm
pendant ---- 2.38" / 60mm long; .83" / 21mm wide
bail ---- 5.5mm opening

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More About Turkish Jade:

One of the rarest colors and rarest forms of jadeite is Purple Turkish jade. It is only found in one area, the Harmancık (Bursa) region of western Anatolia (Turkey). It is also called turkiyenite and Anatolian purple jade. Like Burmese Maw Sit Sit, it is called jadeite, although it is not pure jadeite. Turkish Jade is actually about 60% jadeite with the remaining components being quartz, orthoclase, epidote, chloritoid and phlogopite minerals.

What Purple Turkish Jade lacks in typical jadeite translucency, it makes up for in color. It presents with many shades of lavender, mauve and purple often in the same stone. It can have a slight pattern of orange in it, too.

Turkish Jade has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 – 7, making it a great candidate for jewelry and carvings. In fact, many of the old carvings are now being cut up and sold for lapidary purposes, which is a statement as to its rarity.