Rare Sonoran Crimson Cuprite Pendant Handmade Wire Wrapped Natural Stone Caboch Jewelry


Rare Sonoran Crimson Cuprite Pendant Handmade Wire Wrapped Natural Stone Caboch Jewelry

medium | sterling silver, crimson cuprite | pendant
The handmade, wire wrapped pendant which you are viewing is made with rare, vivid red Crimson Cuprite from Sonora Mexico. It is the same material found in Sonora Sunrise but without the black and blue. Cuprite from this locality is super colorful. It is more often brown. If you took chemistry in school, you may remember that cuprite is copper. That's where this material gets its color from. It is a softer stone, but it cabs beautifully with a nice polish.

I made this beautiful pendant with solid sterling silver- not filled coated or plated. This is a secure setting with a little detail at the bail and lots of color.

You may view this on YouTube.

stone ---- 47x29mm
pendant ---- 2.69" / 68mm long; 1.19" / 30mm wide
bail ---- 5mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More about Sonora Sunrise:

Sonora Sunrise, which is sometimes erroneously called a jasper, comes from the Millpillas Copper Mine in Sonora Mexico. Because of the greenish and red color mixture, it is sometimes called the Christmas stone, but Sonora Sunrise is the trademarked name for the stone found only in the Millpillas Mine. It contains a natural mixture of the copper minerals turquoise blue-green chrysocolla, red orange cuprite and black tenorite. Rarely, it may also contain green brochantite.

Sonora Sunrise is a relatively new find (2006) and, unlike a lot of copper yielding stone, it is found deep in the mine and bears an associated difficulty in mining. It has never been very plentiful and there are continuing reports that it has been mined out. The initial estimates were for a mere 10-11 year mine run and indications are that it fell short of even that. It's popularity continues to grow as suppy decreases, with resulting higher prices- especially for the better material. There are fakes out there and the problem will continue to increase as suppy goes down. Always buy from a reputable dealer.

Though Sonora Sunrise is a relatively soft stone, it can be cabbed and polished to great effect with some effort.


Chrysocolla is calming and soothing which helps to negate negative energy and to restore and promote serenity and tranquility. It helps with meditation and sensitivity.

Cuprite is a "woman's stone". It is useful for women's health issues including reproductive issues. It helps to achieve balance. It may be helpful in dealing with relationships with females and can be helpful for major life issues such as trauma and irrational fears.