Rare Hells Canyon Pendant Petrified Wood Fossil Wire Wrapped Stone Cabochon Sterling Silver


Rare Hells Canyon Pendant Petrified Wood Fossil Wire Wrapped Stone Cabochon Sterling Silver

This handmade, wire wrapped pendant is made with a cabochon of very rare Hells Canyon Petrified Wood (Sequoia) with a great herringbone pattern and, as unflattering as it sounds... preserved rotted wood holes. The blonde colored wood is accented with darker brown outlines and the holes add even more interest to this stone already full of character. This completely natural stone was found in Oregon where it is no longer being collected due to the area being flooded. One of the holes was next to the edge, so I stabilized it for durability. It is not noticeable, but I thought I should mention it.

I used solid sterling silver wire (not plated or coated) to create this setting with a nice bow tie at the top.

stone ---- 39x19mm
pendant ---- 2.49" / 63mm long; .82" / 21mm wide
bail ---- 5.15mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More About Petrified Wood:

If a tree were to fall in the woods, it would rot in the atmosphere and be eaten by bugs and such. However, if a tree falls and is protected from oxygen and the elements by ash or mud before it rots, and is subjected to mineralized water, it begins the process of petrification. Petrification is a long process by which every part of the trunk (leaves and branches typically will rot before petrification can happen) is replaced by minerals in the water that slowly seeps through. Those minerals settle into the cells of the trunk and by the time the cells decompose all that is left is the mineral mold of the cell. The replacement mold can be opal, silica, calcite or pyrite to name a few. The result of time and petrification is a very detailed model in stone, or fossil, of the tree right down to the cell and rings.

Petrified wood goes by many names; fossilized wood, opalized wood, agatized wood, or silicified wood (opal or agate replacement). Petrified wood is deceptively heavy. One might see some on the ground and pick it up thinking it is a neat piece of wood only to find it to be a heavy rock. It looks very convincing! The color of the petrified wood would depend upon what replaced it and the minerals in the soil. Some are rainbow colored and some look just like wood. Because of it's beauty, it is used in jewelry, cut en cabochon. Petrified wood takes a very good polish and is very hard. The hardness is generally that of agate 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.