Nipomo Marcasite Agate Pendant Metallic Plumes Natural Stone Cabochon Pendant Sterling Silver


Nipomo Marcasite Agate Pendant Metallic Plumes Natural Stone Cabochon Pendant Sterling Silver

This handmade, sterling silver pendant is made with a natural stone cabochon, a Marcasite Plume in Agate aka Nipomo Marcasite Agate. It comes from Nipomo, California and is considered rare. The plume or fan spray pattern is highly reflective, metallic golden marcasite. It floats in a sea of clear agate. This is difficult material to photograph due to the reflections, but I think these pictures look pretty good. In person, this is even better. There are a few pits which is a big problem for this material and not uncommon especially for a stone this generous in size. They are not distracting at all.

I made this wire wrapped pendant setting with heavy sterling silver. As with all of my wire wrapped silver jewelry, the wire is not plated, filled or coated, but solid sterling silver. This is one of my favorite cuts. It really worked to capture a lot of the pattern in this stone. The setting is secure and simple. However, I added some interesting texture and contrast with a large sterling silver antique finish bead.

stone ---- 44x33mm
pendant ---- 2.79" / 71mm long from top of bail to tip of bottom point;
1.38" / 35mm wide
bail ---- 7mm

This does not include a chain or cord.
You can purchase one here.

More about Agate:

Agate is a semi precious microcrystalline type of silica, a banded chalcedony, which is a member of the quartz family. Agates are finely grained, can contain bright colors and have a Moh's hardness of 6.5 to 7, which is very hard. Because of the hardness, agate takes a fabulous polish and is extremely durable for carved items. It has been a popular material for carving since ancient times. There are many types of agates. It is an avidly collected stone and is less common than a lot of other types of stones. It is very popular in jewelry.


Agate is a protective stone and attracts strength. It helps achieve balanced energy.