Wire Wrapped Bolo Tie

Solid Copper Crazy Lace Wire Wrapped Bolo Tie

For years, I have been wanting to do one of these bolo ties. You must understand, I am an East Coastie. I never see them around here. In fact, I have only seen a few in my lifetime. I had to do plenty of research to come up with a way to make a bolo tie with wire wrapping.


A bolo tie is a traditional Western form of jewelry. They are usually worn by a man, but women wear them, too. Essentially, you have a cord, typically of braided leather, with a central ornamnetal piece which joins the 2 parts of the cord to make a necklace.


One can easily make a bolo with any number of glue on parts. I didn't want to use glue and pot metal. I wanted to construct a bolo of wire. I had to use heavy stiff wire, I knew that much. I ordered some 16g half hard square wire for the back piece- the piece that holds the cord. The rest, I had on hand.


After considering many options, I settled on a plan. I constructed it as I went along. If I make anymore, I will change the design a little. The ornamental part of the construction at the top could be just about anything. I chose to keep it rather simple since I had a men's bolo in mind.    

I ordered some braided cord for this. I'm going to make coiled tips for it. I am using 3mm rubber cord for pictures. It holds extremely well. The wires are strong and rigid. This was tumbled in my tumbler all night, so it is smooth as a baby's butt, too.

Seeing how this is my first one, I could use your comments on it (below). I don't know if this is something I will do much of, but it was a fun challenge and something to mark off my to-do list.


Thanks for reading!