Hello readers! Been awhile hasn't it? I have been soooo busy! Now that I can cab in the winter, I'm getting more cabbing done. But, the biggest thing keeping me busy is video production. Yes, that's right, I have finally made the leap into videos.

The video above is one example of the many formats that I have been working on. A LOT goes into making a video.

  • choice of video camera
  • video editing software
  • lighting
  • narration
  • format

I bought a Sony video camera on Amazon. Honestly, I just followed the recommendation of my Sister in Law, who is quite happy with hers. I had thought that I would need a much more expensive camera, but this one turns out to be quite sufficient. Most importantly, I find that the manual white balance is very, very good along with the manual exposure. This camera is much easier to use than my still cameras, which were NOT cheap and it takes better video!


My SIL came to my rescue again and told me about HitFilm Express 4. This program is a heavy duty, professional editing program and it is FREE. I did have to buy an extra "pack" for 10.00 that allowed me to use Dolby, which my camera records audio with. At first glance, the program is very intimidating! It is super powerful and has more bells and whistle than I will ever need. I had tried videos in the past, but the software issue was insurmountable. I could not find one single program that did all that I wanted it to do. HitFilm does- with one exception- I have to use Handbrake to condense the file. But, that is super easy. Just drag the file into the open program, select your folder destination and push a button.


Initially, I was lost with HitFilm. However, YouTube has tons of how to videos. After I learned the basics, the general intuitiveness of the program became quite evident. I figured out how to do what I wanted to do quite quickly. Choosing how I wanted to shoot the videos became the hardest part.


Here is the first video that I uploaded. I was thrilled to be able to demonstrate the bright blue flash of this labradorite. It did such a great job that the piece was sold before it ever hit my shop!

The video is nice, but I was supposed to making marketing videos. So, I added a turntable and an end splash with my website. I was in love with how video can show off a flashy stone!

That video was nicer than the first, but I wanted something else.


I added some gloves, which I am not crazy about. My reasoning was that it would look nicer and the scars on my hand wouldn't show. I didn't need to be careful to keep them out of the shot. Also, I could demonstrate that my jewelry does not snag, scratch or poke. That is something I am very meticulous about. I think wire wrapped jewelry has a bad reputation for it.


I bought some gloves on Amazon. They turned out to be too thin. But, the finger length was good. I always have a hard time finding gloves for my small hand. Not crazy about my skin showing through, at all, though. I am on a quest for the perfect gloves now.

I also decided that I don't like the vignette around the edges, so I stopped doing that.


The following video has a spoken description. Let me tell you, it was SO hard for me to sit here by myself and talk into a mic! I had to get used to my own recorded voice, which I don't like. This is by far the hardest part of making a video- for me. I was never good at public speaking and I'm a rather shy person.


So, here is my very first voice over video. Notice how nervous I sound? This was a test and is not publicly listed. Coincidentally, the voice over length came out just about perfect. I'm still a little embarrassed about it, though. LOL!

My second voice over was just as difficult. I did it about 10 times and finally gave up. I used the last one I did and edited it quite a bit to fit. It was easier for me to talk about Ocean Jasper since it is one of my all time favorite stones.

The OJ video was the last jewelry video that I have finished. I am expecting new gloves in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully they will fit. I am also getting a new mic which will help with the sound quality. I do believe that doing the voice overs will get easier.


I have to say, I enjoy making the videos. Believe it or not, it is faster and easier than taking still shots with my camera and I believe video will show the best, most accurate representation of my jewelry.


Doing videos of my cabs might be on my list for the future. Some of them would certainly benefit from video. Here is one that I did of a very rare firecracker obsidian.



If you look through my shop, you will see that I have linked to 16 different videos. I'll be adding them as I finish them and upload them. 


Now that I know how to make videos, I may finally get around to doing a few video tutorials. I used to write pdf tutorials and I wrote a book. I still get asked about those and about video tutorials. So, after I finish this massive project, I will be considering that. By then I should be used to recording my own voice. LOL!