They Add Up Quick!

I try to squeeze in cabbing whenever I can. Sometimes, ok often, I only manage to get a few done at a time. But, they add up quickly.


Most of these that are available are linked to my Etsy Tela Rocks shop. I share them for eye candy, too. Who doesn't like pretty rocks?  

rhodonite cabochon

Australian Rhodonite Cabochon


Bloodstone Cabochon

chrysocolla in matrix

Chrysocolla in Matrix Cabochon

red filament moss agate cabochon

Red Filament Moss Agate Cabochon

imperial jasper cabochon

Imperial Jasper Cabochon

chrysocolla copper complex cabochon

Chrysocolla, Cuprite, Malachite, Turquosie

mcdermitt thunder egg cabochon

McDermitt Thunder Egg Agate Cabochon

west texas plume agate

West Texas Plume Agate Cabochon

shattuckite cabochon

Shattuckite & Chrysocolla Cabochon

wingate agate plume agate

Wingate Death Valley Plume Agate

parrotwing chrysocolla

Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Cabochon

sonora sunrise cabochon

Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla Cabochon