Something Old, Something New, Somthing Blue

A dear client was going through my sold gallery, when she came across an old piece that had sold to a bride many years ago. She really liked the piece and the stone, a baby blue angelite from Peru. She wondered if I could do another one. 


I generally try not to repeat many designs if they aren't a simple wrap. But, she really wanted this "fancy" wrap. So I sat down to recreate the design in a scaled down size. Turns out, I was very happy to be redoing it. It gave me a chance to change a few of the things that I never cared for about the piece- including the large size.


The original


The new piece

While the piece remains essentially the same, I do believe the minor changes improved the design.


I especially like the smaller size. the original cab is in the 45mm range and the new one, cut just for this, was more in the 35mm range.


This has made me want to revisit some older designs and rework them... if I can. I don't always remember how I made them.


My sold gallery has only a fraction of past creations, but if you see a piece on that page that you love, go ahead and ask me about it. I can't and won't duplicate anything, but I can come close and maybe even improve it.