Pliers and Prongs

Pliers and Prongs

Welcome to my first of many posts on my new blog!


Waste not; want not- I always say. Lemons into lemonade...


I have a favorite pair of micro flatnose pliers which recently broke. I was actually sad. Luckily, I foresaw this eventuality and had a back up pair. I never want to be without these pliers. In fact, I didn't want to be without the broken ones, either. I showed them to my husband who volunteered to refurbish them for me. He ground down the side that wasn't broken to match the broken side. Wha-la! New pliers! They sat around for awhile. I thought I would use them more, but I didn't. Until last night.


I have been making prongs for a long time. The best pair of pliers that I had for them were large Swanstrom pliers. But, they were actually a little too large...

I need small pliers for nice prongs. But, my micro pliers are much too small.

Italian made micro pliers.

Below are my modified micro pliers. These are juuuuuust right.

My reeeally used micro pliers with my husband's modification.

The difference between the tips is miniscule- 1.6mm and 1.1mm. That half a mm makes all the difference, though. The pliers have great torque, too. These tips really grab the wire ends and hold on! I am able to make very neat, small prongs.

Close up on some tiny pliers on a recent Montana agate pendant.

Translucent Montana agate with dendrites.

I prefer using prongs on translucent stones. Because there are matching prongs on the back of the piece, no wires on the back will show through to the front. I want the stone to look great! I can do the best wire wrapping ever, but if the stone doesn't look its best, I have failed.

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