Paying it Forward

I mentioned in my last post that I was doing a piece for a charity auction. Well, it's finished and now I can tell you all about it.



Meet Jennie. Actually, her name is Jesnine, which I think is a beautiful name, but she goes by Jennie.


Jennie is 21 and wants to be a photographer. She attends college, works at Denny's and is a regular at her church. She also has Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer.


My nephew had cancer, also. When my husband was approached by his workmate, Chris, to donate a piece of jewelry for a cancer charity auction, I was all on board. Lots of people helped my nephew out, so I just feel like I am paying it forward. My nephew is in remission after a bone marrow donation and successful transplant.


Chris rides with a motorcycle group called Bikers for Christ. As he puts it, "We aren't a motorcycle gang or club. We are a ministry who happen to ride motorcycles and are trying to save the lost souls who are within a yard of Hell." The Virginia Beach group currently has 29 patched members with more waiting to become members. That's a relatively small group for all the good they've done. They are a non profit. Every dollar raised (after actual expenses) goes to someone. Last year they did 3 pancake breakfasts at Applebee's, 7 hotdog socials at Southside Harley, and a Poker Run. They collected and gave away over $23,000 last year. That to me is impressive!

poker run

Flyer for the 3rd Annual Poker Run

Every year Bikers for Christ Virginia Beach chapter chooses a cancer patient to sponsor. This year, Jennie was selected from many candidates. Jennie's doctors have high hopes for her treatment. She is expected to do well, but as we all know healthcare is expensive.


The chapter will be doing a Poker Run to raise money. For those of you who don't know, a Poker Run is a bike trip along a specified route with designated stops along the way. At each stop, a rider receives a random playing card. At the end of the route, the riders compare their poker hands and determine the winner. They will also be having an auction to go along with other activities. That's where I come in.

Bikers for Christ

Bikers For Christ patch


I agreed to do a pendant for the auction. My husband suggested I do something with the patch colors. I have been on a Sonora Sunrise kick lately, as you may have noticed, so the best choice of stone was fresh in my mind. I cut several and ran it by Chris. As you can see by the patch, the colors are pretty good for it- turquoise, red, orange and black. I was going to use gold filled wire to complete the look, but Chris said that bikers were more into the chrome look of silver. So, no patina, either. That's cool.  

sonora sunrise pendant

Sonora Sunrise Pendant in Sterling Silver

I chose to make this in a unisex style, since there was a good chance that one of the male members may want it. I also used more wire than usual. It has a nice thick bezel of silver for that big chrome-look.


The events kick off June 24, 2017. Keep your fingers crossed that my pendant will do its part to help this young lady out. And, bless Bikers for Christ for their selfless work.