On A Spree

After that wonderful, relaxing vacation, I had a very hard time getting back into the swing of things. Eventually, cabbing started calling my name. I can't do it for very long hours at a time because I do it in my dining room. Oh, how I wish I had a garage! Because I am smack dab in the middle of a very busy household, I have plenty of interruptions. However, I had several days of pure cabbing bliss. I got some new material cut. That always makes me want to get at  the wheels!


Some of these cabs will be or are in my Etsy shop (click for link) and some, like the first four, will become jewelry.

crimson cuprite

Crimson Cuprite aka Sonora Sunrise

agua nueva agate

Agua Nueva Agate

ocean jasper with druzy

Ocean Jasper with Druzy

crazy lace agate

Crazy Lace Agate



Turkish Lapis Lace

Turkish Lapis Lace

Perfect Pilbara Jasper

dinosaur bone

Small Dinosaur Bone



crazy lace agate

Crazy Lace

Montana covellite

Montana Covellite

guadalue poppy jasper

Guadalupe Poppy Jasper

Flamingo Agate

Flamingo Agate



blue dinosaur bone

Blue Dinosaur Bone

morgan hill poppy jasper

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper

bulls eye argentina rhodochrosite

Argentina Rhodochrosite

hell's canyon petrified wood

Hell's Canyon Petrified Wood

Imperial Jasper

Imperial Jasper


Seraphinite aka Angel Wing

Peanut Obsidian

willow creek jasper

Willow Creek Jasper

neolite nellite pietersite

Golden Pietersite

green sagenite

Green Sagenite Agua Nueva

Now that that is out of my system (for now), it's time to do some wrapping.