Just Do It!

Tela Formosa business card

At long last!

After almost 20 years of selling jewelry, I finally have a business card! I have meant to get one, really I did. Everyone that I know has nagged me for some. Many people have volunteered to hand them out on my behalf.


Many designs have crossed my mind. None ever really panned out. The "design your own card" sections of the online shops left a lot to be desired. I could never quite get what I wanted. I even PAID someone to come up with something. Still no good. A friend of mine who does graphic designs did one for me. Not quite what I wanted.


Finally, I decided to just go with whatever I came up with and let the chips fall where they may. I had a new website, a new blog... I really wanted some business cards to tie it all together. This is what I came up with in about 5 minutes.


I wanted it to be simple. I wanted name recognition. I wanted it to be be colorful- memorable. I even had the large Tela name embossed. I love it!



Tela Formosa Business Card embossed


I chose to use Vista Print, though I was still not happy with their card designer. I made the design in PhotoShop and uploaded it. I got a warning label that the resolution was too low- which it was not. I called the company. They assured me that my resolution was fine and that sometimes the warning comes up for no reason. The nice woman said they have a 100% money back guarantee if I wasn't satified. That put me at ease. I ordered 500. I even threw a few pens into the order.  

tela formosa pen

My very own pen!

I waited on pins and needles for my cards to come in. I can't believe how excited I was about a flippin' business card! I was though...


In the meantime, I ordered cases for myself and a few other people who wanted to hand out cards for me. Amazon Prime to the rescue!


I love it! Perfect!

After what seemed like an eternity, I got the heavy little boxes in the mail. I was terrified to open up the box and to not like what I saw in there. I was home alone wishing someone else was there. Slowly, I opened it up........ OMG!!! I loved them! I really did! They look better than I thought they would. I was so pleased... and relieved. 


It's the little things that count. Having a card that I love made me so happy. FINALLY, after all these years I have a business card!


The moral of this story- JUST DO IT! Go with your instincts and get it done- what ever it is. Follow your heart and jump in with both feet first.

Tela Formosa Business cards ready to go