Cat Helps Out with Hidden Bail

I am so excited! Where to begin? I guess with my sister in law, who isn't a cat. I'll get to Cat in a minute.


My sister in law, whom I love like a sister, is one of my biggest fans. She has a lot of my jewelry and she wears it all the time. She has never asked for anything specific- she just chooses finished pieces that she likes. However, when she saw the bloodstone that I recently finished, she immediately claimed it. I was more than happy to make something special for her.

Large bloodstone cabochon

A very bloody bloodstone

The bloodstone is a large cab. (52mm long) I wanted to do something with it that would keep the pendant size down. I knew I would have to do a hidden bail. I got out my wire and started in. Normally, I would do a sketch. I can barely draw a stick figure. There is no way I could sketch what I had in mind.  So, I just winged it.

Settling down to work

Settling in with the basics first

I bundled up five feet of wire, yes, 5 feet!

It was such a temptation to Cat. He has recovered nicely from his health emergency and has been full of piss and vinegar. Luckily, I had my camera on hand.

Cat helps with the cab

The rock HAD to go!

cat loves to play with wire

A nice blurry action shot of Cat trying to make off with my wire bundle.

Cat likes to sit on my work

Don' get TOO comfortable! And, don't even think about knocking that pen down!

Turns out he was less interested in helping me with my project than with trying to get me to get him some of his new wet health food that he LOVES.


With meeting Cat's desires out of the way, I continued.

fitting and marking

Lots of bending, fitting and marking ensued.

methos to my madness

Almost there! Looks a mess doesn't it? There is a method to my madness!

Took awhile getting there, but the final product was worth it. (I think).

finished product

Finished Project- a hidden bail setting for a large stone.

I've done a few other hidden bails. One I blogged about and one for sale. But I like this one best. It is a completely different technique. After finishing this, I took note of a couple of changes that I would make for the next one. Nothing huge, just tweaks.

The picture looks a hair off, but I assure you this hangs perfectly level.

I  couldn't be more happy with this. Hopefully, my sister in law will love it, too.


Thanks for reading along...